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Federal Contract Expert Shares Strategies For Winning Government Seed Funding In New Book – Press Release

The Federal Contracting Playbook’ by Janelle Billingslea demystifies federal contracting in the post-coronavirus landscape.

Washington, D.C. – Sept 24, 2020 – The coronavirus pandemic has brought a painful blow to many entrepreneurs as they face a new set of unforeseen challenges.

But like any crisis, there are also opportunities ripe for the taking by savvy innovators ready to pivot at a moment’s notice.

Meanwhile, the government has opened new avenues of funding to fuel innovation in the post-pandemic age.

A new book slated for release this fall hopes to dispel the myths surrounding government contracts while sharing expertise on how to win seed funding from the federal government.

“The Federal Contracting Playbook: How to Win Business Using the Inside Track Framework for Innovators” by Janelle Billingslea will soon be available in eBook format at Amazon, with paperback and audio versions slated for release later this year.

In the anticipated book,

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This Texas Quilt Shop Can Teach a Master Class in Winning Over Customers

Inc. is celebrating Small Business Week 2020 with a look at local merchants beloved by customers whose devotion goes beyond loyalty and well into passion.

Debby Luttrell remembers the “defining moment.” It was a late afternoon in 1996, and she was cashing out the day’s receipts–a whopping $35–from the register in Stitchin’ Heaven, her startup quilt supply store in Quitman, Texas. Outside the window her parking lot stood empty. “I thought, ‘What in the world have I done to make everyone so angry at me?’ ” Luttrell recalls.

Luttrell had angered no one. But in a town of 1,895 residents far from major cities, she was selling primo fabric at $7.99-a-yard. For good-enough versions, Walmart charged just $4.99. At Stitchin’ Heaven’s grand opening months earlier “everyone in town came out and welcomed us,” says Luttrell. “I know now that people left my store saying, ‘That lady is not going to

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The Cowboys had no business winning vs. Falcons. That is, until Dak Prescott changed the narrative.

ARLINGTON — What took place at AT&T Stadium Sunday afternoon counts only one game in the standings.

It could mean much more before the season is done.

It could be the game that nudges Dak Prescott into another category.

That’s a lot of weight to ascribe to a narrow victory over a winless Atlanta team in Week Two. But the nature of this improbable comeback, the way Prescott and others responded in the face of adversity, can reverberate well beyond the 40-39 final score.

Every successful season has a game or two that coaches and players point to with pride and say that’s the moment. That outcome had an emotional impact and instilled confidence well beyond the one game it meant in the standings.

Substantial work remains before Dallas can look back on this win over the Falcons and make that claim. But the Cowboys overcame a 15-point deficit in

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Winning Combos: Card Pairings to Maximize Your Rewards

Typically, the top three reasons people get a rewards credit card are that it has a great sign-up bonus, it offers great rewards for ongoing spend or it brings other perks simply for being a cardholder. But there’s one more, lesser-known reason you might decide to sign up for a rewards card: When paired with another card, it can boost your rewards.

Pairing cards for maximum value can be tricky. Here’s a look at several possible card combos, focusing on the rewards and costs to help you decide whether any of these card combinations work for you.

Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card and Southwest Rapid Rewards® Performance Business Credit Card

The best reason to combine these cards has to do with the Southwest Companion Pass, which allows you to bring a companion on your flight for nearly free, paying only taxes and fees. You earn the Southwest Companion

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A Winning Approach to Realizing Long-Term Business Value with Intelligent Automation

Leveraging automation as a vehicle to transform operations is no longer a new concept. With numerous examples of successful implementations across all industry sectors, organizations are now moving beyond “Automation 101” to strategically deploying automation for widespread business value and results.

Indeed, there’s no better motivation than to look at the success achieved by firms that have implemented automation widely within their operations. By adopting a more strategic approach to automation, these enterprises are recouping their investment in automation technologies and digital transformation more quickly.

For instance, AMN Healthcare is using automation to process employee timecards and key credentials. The solution ensures healthcare workers can fill “high needs” positions and receive their pay on time. At the same time, it reduces the workload for the company’s back-office staff, allowing them to focus on more value-added patient services tasks. As a direct result of these efforts, the company saved 5,400-man-hours, experienced

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