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Greenbelt-like pathway. Storage business ban. Oyster bar. Here’s what’s coming near you

The latest proposed developments, other construction projects and new businesses around the Treasure Valley


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Boise intends to create a master plan for canal pathways, or formal, paved pathways to run next to the city’s canals. The project would likely involve collaboration with the Ada County Highway District and other stakeholders, including landowners.

“By adding off-street pathways to our ‘Movement for Everyone’ toolbox, we will be able to make quality of life improvements for a lot of folks, in a way similar to the Greenbelt has for many people,” Zach Piepmeyer, transportation planner for the city, told the Boise City Council.

It’s not quite clear what new routes could be paved, but Tom Laws, a planner for the city, told the council that to complete the master plan, those on the project would create a list of 100 potential segments to be part of the project. The trick

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4 Questions Small-Business Owners Should Ask Themselves to Prepare for What’s Next

No one was prepared for the events that unfolded this year. Even the best-laid crisis plans were shaken by the cards we were dealt. And, while Fortune 500 companies and Main Street shops alike were thrown for the same loop, small businesses suffered the greatest disruption.

We learned how important it is for small businesses to be prepared — for everything. When crises hit, instead of scrambling for solutions, businesses must have a plan for every scenario. Here are four questions designed to help ready your business for what may come next. 

1. What are my top priorities?

When things get tough, priorities are key to keep your focus. For small-business owners with tight profit margins, this is especially important. Start by mapping out the functions of your business including your employees, assets, real estate, processes, and investments. Which functions are critical to keep your business running? Having your priorities

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Summer’s Officially Over – What’s Next for Businesses That Rely on Seasonal Tourism?

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On a sunny day in late August, the scene in Ogunquit, Maine, a small coastal town about 45 minutes south of Portland, was typical for its busy season. Tourists milled about in front of souvenir shops rifling through stacks of T-shirts with “Maine” emblazoned on them, and the line at local ice cream shop Sweet Pea’s was 10-deep. But the scene still wasn’t typical: Everyone had masks on, and that line at Sweet Pea’s? It stretched halfway down the block in accordance with social distancing.

Maine’s coast is a popular summer destination any year, but New York, New Jersey and Connecticut residents in particular flocked there in even greater numbers this warm season to take advantage of the fact that — coming from neighboring states with low infection rates —  they weren’t required to quarantine for 14 days or present a negative Covid-19 test

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What’s this about a cheap new mortgage and can I switch?

Did I hear we have a new neighbour in to the Irish mortgage market?

Well, they are new(ish). As of Monday morning, Avant Money started taking applications from would-be or existing Irish homeowners for mortgages. We say new (ish) because the Leitrim-based company has actually been in Ireland for many years. It started out as a credit card company trading under the name MBNA, and then changed its name in 2012 to Avantcard. It is now called Avant Money.

A credit card company offering mortgages? Are the rates high?

Quite the opposite as it happens. The reason why the Avant Money move is big news today is that the company is offering a fixed-rate mortgage which is the lowest on the market.

And what is the rate?

It has three rates: five- and seven-year fixed rate products with the lowest of those rates pegged at 1.95 per cent. This is

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Business Intelligence vs Advanced Analytics: What’s the Difference?

In today’s data obsessed world, several new tools and technologies are being embraced to unearth insights from data. From big data to business intelligence, machine learning to advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and more. Although all these concepts offer a range of benefits, business intelligence and advanced analytics are two complex but interesting topics that are often used interchangeably. Read this blog to explore these technologies and learn more about the difference between BI and Advanced Analytics.

In a world where data has become a differentiating factor for business excellence, business intelligence enhances the decision-making ability of companies. By making meaningful use of data collected from business operations on a day-to-day basis, it assists them in enhancing their performance, exploring new opportunities, identifying threats, and unearthing new insights to speed up the decision-making process.

Advanced analytics, on the other hand, helps answer complex and challenging

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