How To Connect With Your Center Of Wellbeing: A 10-Week Plan

Nearly a decade ago, with global affairs in turmoil and the digital revolution disrupting every industry, I wrote these words in my book, “Winning from Within”: 

“In turbulent times, when the pace of the change makes your head spin, business leaders and public servants alike want a system that helps them stay balanced as they face unprecedented complexity and uncertainly.”

That stomach-churning turbulence I recall from back then seems almost quaint as our 2020 world roils with COVID19, economic turmoil and natural disasters amid stark political polarization and a reckoning with systemic racism. Our world is on fire — in some places literally burning down in front of our eyes.

As leaders, we have honed our tools for interacting with the external world. We can break down complicated situations. We can problem solve. We

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