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Major Chinese Bank Launches Central Bank Digital Currency Wallet Briefly

One of China’s biggest banks recently opened up registration for wallets using the country’s central bank-backed digital currency. There are four levels of the wallet, according to reports. However, the bank took the offer down a few hours later.

China’s Digital Currency Wallet Launch

China Construction Bank (CCB), one of the country’s largest state-owned banks, reportedly launched a digital renminbi wallet in its official app Saturday, Sina reported citing a 21st Century Business Herald reporter. Users in the areas where the digital yuan is being tested, such as those in Shenzhen, reportedly could register for the wallet.

The bank’s user agreement explains that the services provided by the digital renminbi wallet include payment, redemption, transfer, and credit card recharge, the publication detailed, adding that there are four levels of the digital renminbi wallet with varying balance and payment limits.

Major Chinese Bank Launches Central Bank Digital Currency Wallet Briefly
Screenshots of the CCB’s digital renminbi wallet, courtesy of 21st
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Factors That Are Important to Make Mobile Wallet Solutions Secure

The expansion of the eCommerce industry compels the organizations and users to follow a smooth mobile wallet strategy. A mobile wallet application is in high demand because it opens the gate for making the payment easily. Online shopping is done on a daily basis and this is the reason people look for a secure payment solution. Companies always demand a robust and secure mobile wallet that customers love to use.

It enables consumers and business owners to enjoy a secure transaction. Obviously, any user will look for a security feature when it comes about making payment via the digital form.

Here in this article, we will discuss the ways which are important for making the mobile wallet secure. But before going ahead let’s discuss what a mobile wallet is?

What is the mobile wallet?

It is also known as an e-wallet which makes the sending and receiving of the payment

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The Unicorn Visa? The X1 Card? A New Breed of Futuristic Credit Cards Is Vying for Your Wallet

Is your credit card ripe for a technology update? That’s what some entrepreneurs think, and they’re going all in on a new generation of credit cards that attempt to leverage emerging tech for an upgraded user experience.

a close up of a logo: Review-Future-Credit-Cards

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Among the coolest new features of this breed of futuristic cards is their ability to create temporary virtual credit card numbers — which can be used for purchases and then disappear before they could possibly be used by a scammer. There are some great old-fashioned perks for these cards too, like the chance of earning 3x points or more on purchases.

The X1 Card

According to X1’s co-founder and CEO, Deepak Rao, there’s been “No true innovation in credit cards for multiple decades.” He notes that most people use basically the same cards as their parents and even their grandparents, and he cites cards that are still in

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Visa Strikes a Deal With a Fintech for Digital Wallet Rollout in Europe

Visa (NYSE:V) continues to push more deeply into the jungle that is fintech. The world’s dominant payment card processor has signed a deal with a Scandinavian company in the digital wallet sphere. 

Through the arrangement, Visa said in a press release last week, “Visa’s clients and partners will now be able to take advantage of the Vipps platform to create their own digital wallets and offer customers new ways to pay, be paid and manage their money.”

This will apply to its cardholders in Europe; the company did not mention when and if the arrangement would be expanded to other parts of the world.

Neither the terms nor the price of the deal were made public.

Woman using a smartphone.

Image source: Getty Images.

Its timing seems appropriate. Contactless commerce — either via online purchasing or with specialty cards that don’t need to be swiped or read — has surged during the coronavirus pandemic.

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