Why Master Builders walked out on big business, big union stitch-up

Before the working groups started meeting, in a sign of good faith, Master Builders did not oppose the government’s decision to no longer pursue the Ensuring Integrity Bill, despite it being a key priority of our members.

This bill would have provided a further mechanism to stop bullying by law-breaking construction unions on building sites around the country. These tactics are deployed by building unions to force workplaces into adopting union pattern enterprise bargaining agreements that reduce productivity, increase construction costs and embed the toxic culture of militant unions.

Giving militant unions yet another lever to double down on the daily practices deployed against our members is a step too far.

It is small businesses that bear the brunt of construction union bullying, which is why the government fought so hard to bring back the Australian Building and Construction Commission. It is this bullying that the ACTU secretary has defended.

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