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Labour calls for urgent action to ‘rebuild business’ in wake of Covid-19 crisis

The clock is running down for millions of people on the job furlough scheme as businesses face “going to the wall”, Labour has said.

hadow chancellor Anneliese Dodds called on the Government to act urgently to rebuild business in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

With the work furlough scheme set to finish at the end of October, Ms Dodds used a keynote speech to Labour’s online conference to attack the stance of Chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Ms Dodds said: “Just as the Chancellor has allowed the clock to run down on the four million people on furlough, he’s doing exactly the same for the millions of businesses that have needed a helping hand to survive these last few months.

“From March next year repayments will start for the loan schemes set up to help businesses through the crisis.

“But, on the current trend, our economy won’t be anything like back

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Amazon, Postal Service scrambled in wake of Trump demands

The USPS memo, unreleased until this week, reflects the political bind facing the agency this spring as it sought to balance Trump’s political broadsides with its own urgent need to shore up its balance sheet. The Postal Service has had to borrow from the federal government to sustain operations in the face of a $160.9 billion debt, opening the door for the Trump administration to try to demand specific structural changes under its new postmaster general, Louis DeJoy.

Trump at times has even called the USPS a “joke,” and in April suggested it raise the price of a package by “approximately four times.” He has repeatedly claimed that the service is in debt because it delivers so many parcels on behalf of Amazon — an e-commerce titan that by far is the Postal Service’s largest corporate client, the newly obtained documents show.

(Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos owns The Washington

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McDonald’s doubles down on ‘values’ in the wake of controversy

  • McDonald’s told employees on Monday that it is looking into new training and hiring processes that emphasize corporate values, according to notes from the event viewed by Business Insider. 
  • Global Chief People Officer Heidi Capozzi began a top to bottom review of the HR department when she joined McDonald’s April, replacing David Fairhurst — who McDonald’s now says was fired “with cause” after making women at the company uncomfortable. 
  • McDonald’s is investigating allegations against the HR department under Fairhurst, as well as suing its former CEO Steve Easterbrook, alleging Easterbrook covered up sexual relationships with three employees. 
  • Read how former McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook went from the chain’s savior to its worst nightmare here.
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McDonald’s is doubling down on values in the wake of controversies, including a lawsuit from Black former franchisees and the company accusing its former CEO of covering up sexual

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Cheshire survey seeks to bolster local businesses in wake of pandemic

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