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Amid coronavirus, Aruba invites Americans to relocate visa-free for 3 months

Aruba, Jamaica, ooh, I wanna take ya.

Officials in Aruba are inviting weary Americans to relocate visa-free for three months and work remotely (or not) amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Aruba Tourism Authority launched the “One Happy Workation” program this week, inviting anyone with a valid U.S. passport to relocate to the Caribbean isle for 90 days.

Those ready to swap the office chair for a beach chair can transition stress-free with discounted rates for long-term stays across “some of Aruba’s finest hotels and resorts,” a spokesperson for the tourism bureau told FOX Business on Thursday.


Depending on where guests choose to stay, perks of the program may include complimentary WiFi, all-inclusive dining options and access to special experiences to truly

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The countries Americans can travel to visa-free in September 2020

a person holding a sign: A pedestrian holds her and her child's passport while waiting to cross into the United States

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A pedestrian holds her and her child’s passport while waiting to cross into the United States

No one on earth has been spared from more restrictive international travel. The number of countries that could be traveled to visa-free any given passport to fell 33% globally because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But US citizens took the biggest hit, according to the Passport Index.

As of Sept. 2, a US passport holder could travel to 86 countries without a pre-approved visa, down from 171 countries last year.

The countries where American can’t travel to without a visa

The US isn’t on Europe’s allowed-traveler list. Canada is still closed to non-citizen and non-resident travelers. A number of Latin American countries where US travelers used to be able to visit freely, such as Argentina, Peru, and Chile, are not allowing tourists in because of Covid-19.

Among the countries that

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