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IPO Frenzy This Week Nets Billions for Venture Capital Backers

(Bloomberg) — Billions of dollars could be on the way to Sand Hill Road this week, home base for Silicon Valley’s venture capital elite, after a string of initial public offerings.

Snowflake Inc. signage is displayed on a smartphone in an arranged photograph taken in the Brooklyn borough of New York, U.S., on Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020. Snowflake Inc. soared in a euphoric stock-market debut that transformed the eight-year-old software company into business valued at about $72 billion.

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Snowflake Inc. signage is displayed on a smartphone in an arranged photograph taken in the Brooklyn borough of New York, U.S., on Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2020. Snowflake Inc. soared in a euphoric stock-market debut that transformed the eight-year-old software company into business valued at about $72 billion.

Venture firms netted handsome returns on paper for their early investments. While the firms mostly won’t be able to sell their shares until lockup periods expire, proceeds from exits could provide the cash for them to fund the next generation of startups.


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Snowflake Inc., which was trading at a $65 billion valuation Friday, has provided the biggest windfall so far for its early shareholders. Sutter Hill Ventures, which

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American Sustainable Business Council And Social Venture Circle Unite


3 “Perfect 10” Dividend Stocks Yielding at Least 5%

Assessing where the markets will go can sometimes seem like more art than science, and an arcane art at that. But the data is out there to make sense of the stock movements.The TipRanks Smart Score is a perfect example. Scanning through the whole of the database, and assembling the information for every stock according to 8 categories known to predict future share performance, the Smart Score combines those categories into a single score that allows investors to see at a glance how the stock is likely to move in the coming year.That score is given on a scale from 1 to 10, with low scores indicating likely underperformance of the broader market, and higher scores indicating overperformance. A perfect score, a 10, is a rare gift for a stock. It doesn’t necessarily mean that every factor aligns perfectly –

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Victoria’s Secret Enters Joint Venture With Next PLC for Its U.K. Business

Victoria’s Secret is once again trying to sell off its parts in its attempt to gain back market share. This time it’s to Next plc.

Parent company L Brands revealed a partnership with the retailer on Monday regarding its company-owned Victoria’s Secret business in the U.K. and Ireland.  

Under the agreement which is still subject to regulatory clearance Victoria’s Secret’s U.K. business and Next have formed a joint venture, dubbed “JV,” in which Next is the majority shareholder: 51 percent versus 49 percent. Under the terms of the agreement, JV will acquire the majority of the assets of the Victoria’s Secret U.K. business that are currently in administration.

“We are pleased to take this next step in our profit improvement plan for Victoria’s Secret,” Martin Waters, chief executive officer of L Brands International, said in a statement. “Next’s capabilities and experience in the U.K. market are substantial and

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Rich Lister’s tech venture cashes in on gift card boom

Prezzee’s technology overcomes the hassle consumers faced by losing or forgetting their gift cards when going to the shops. But it also captures a growing trend for consumers to shop online, for both gift giving and purchases. Via its app, consumers can buy, send and store eGift cards from a range of retailers.

It also sells a Smart eGift Card allowing the gift recipient to choose from a suite of big name retailers they want to spend their gift card with.

Mr Bonett said a forced shift in consumer spending driven by the COVID-19 crisis was helping drive demand for Prezzee’s Smart eGift card. It has accelerated a shift already occurring through online shopping growth and a trend for consumers to make more environmentally friendly choices.

The gift card market is worth about $6 billion and Prezzee claims to hold a 5 per cent share. Other providers include global tech

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A Black Venture Capitalist Sees Challenges as an Investing Edge

Mr. Michel began to tell his story to local business publications, and it resonated. “There weren’t many voices, Black voices, that were asserting themselves in this space,” he said. “I happened to be one that someone caught wind of.”

A report in Black Enterprise Magazine was spotted by the mother of a reporter for TechCrunch, who then contacted Mr. Michel for an article. “That was the interview that changed the future of Black Founders Matter, because she asked what I wanted to do besides sell T-shirts,” he said. Without hesitating, he blurted out an idea about starting a venture fund for Black-owned start-ups. When the reporter asked how much money he would raise, he picked a number — $10 million — and was surprised when it became the headline.

Mr. Michel’s advisers — including Mr. Turoczy — saw an opportunity for him.

“They said: ‘We love what you’re doing and

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4 Expert Tips to Secure Angel Investment for Your New Business Venture

Without angel investors, most startups wouldn’t be able to survive. In the U.S. alone, angel investors pour $25 billion into 70,000 companies every single year. Yet despite being such key players in early-stage companies’ growth, many founders have limited knowledge of how to access angel investments.

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Angel investors work predominantly with new ventures because they set their sights on passion projects, personal commitment, and innovation. At the same time, angel investors tend to be more approachable for entrepreneurs, with their more ‘human’ touch compared to big venture capitalists. Angels are also more hands-off and agile than traditional firms.


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Nonetheless, when navigating the close-knit world of angel investors, founders who aren’t well-prepared risk quickly diluting their pool of potential benefactors. So, here are four expert tips to secure angel investment for your new business venture:

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