American Express – The Fairly Valued Credit Card Company (NYSE:AXP)

I own stock in all three major credit companies, Visa (V), Mastercard (MA), and American Express (AXP). I view all of them as investable businesses for the right price, but unfortunately, these businesses are really only investable when the price is somewhere close to appealing, or at the very least what one might consider fairly valued.

So when I looked at American Express, I figured it was time to solidify my overall stance on the company with a solid article explaining my rationale and explaining the company as a whole. This is especially true because compared to the other major credit card companies, AXP is actually rather underfollowed.

This article aims to do just that – explaining – and show you why I’m willing to pay today’s price for AXP.

Pentagram gives American Express a more “cohesive” look

American Express – What does the company do?

The American Express company, or Amex, is one of the oldest financial

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