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Greensboro looks to develop businesses on vacant lots, abandoned building

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The city of Greensboro has begun a push for incoming businesses to develop on vacant lots and in existing buildings that have been abandoned. 

It is a part of the city’s Filling in the Framework development plan, which is one of the six big ideas listed in the city’s Comprehensive Plan for 2040.

City and development leaders said this will help increase the value of the neighborhoods around these current “eye sores.” 

“The property itself will become more valuable. It will also help create jobs that will make the local economy more vibrant,” Greensboro Committee Chair Justin Outling said.

The idea came after a survey found many in the community wanted a more dense and vibrant community near their homes. 

There is not list of vacant and abandon properties that could be developed. There is also not a current list available online of existing land and buildings

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City eyeing demolition of vacant, mouse-infested Central Ave. business

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Squalid conditions inside a now vacant, former Albuquerque restaurant are causing problems for a neighboring non-profit. In response, the city is now considering tearing down the problem property along Central Avenue.

Just west of Wyoming Boulevard, the property at 8411 Central Avenue NE has been on the Albuquerque Code Enforcement division’s radar since 2014. While the location remains boarded up, the neighboring non-profit Street Safe New Mexico says it continues to deal with issues coming from the next-door property it shares a wall with.

The non-profit’s Executive Director, Christine Barber recorded video of a recent indoor tour of the property. Barber’s video shows the vacant business has large piles of trash inside. Barber describes the overwhelming smells of feces and rotting trash.

“That smell,” Barber said. “Holy crap, no wonder everyone thinks someone’s dead in here.”

Barber’s next-door non-profit has been dealing with the mouse problem

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