Zimbabwe: Vendors Make Brisk Business Out of Selling U.S.$1 Notes

Traders Along the busy sidewalks of Harare are doing brisk business out of selling US$1 notes to various business players who are struggling for change by setting premiums of between five and seven percent per US$ 100, 263Chat Business has learnt.

Since government revoked the ban on trading in foreign currency for local transactions in March this year, small denomination American dollar notes have been in short supply creating a serious challenge for businesses when issuing change to consumers.

The situation has become so dire that some small retailers are devising ways to settle change by either giving small treats like sweets to customers or convert the balance to local currency at market rates which most customers refuse.

But for some enterprising vendors in Harare the development has created a window for economic opportunity.

These vendors purchases groceries such as luxury bathing soaps and pasta from big wholesalers in local

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