How COVID-19 Upended Typical Offseason Training Routines

Deshaun Watson could win an MVP this season. Odell Beckham Jr. could reclaim All-Pro status. CeeDee Lamb could win Offensive Rookie of the Year. There are no shortage of story lines and possibilities entering the NFL season. But if any of these examples are to come to fruition, the work to put them in motion will have begun far earlier than Thursday, when the 2020 season kicks off. This season, many NFL players underwent unique offseason training routines to navigate around the coronavirus pandemic that impacted all aspects of the sport this summer.

Perhaps more than ever, players relied on their personal trainers and sports performance specialists to maintain shape and rehabilitate. And just as the pandemic posed a strange adjustment for players, it also forced those tasked with working players out to adjust to unusual times.

During typical NFL offseasons, players begin working with trainers and performance coaches ahead

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