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Mastercard partnership on vaccines unrelated to finances


Approving a vaccine in the U.S. usually takes years, but COVID-19 vaccines are moving through in record time. What does that mean?


The claim: Mastercard is partnering with vaccine companies; those who do not get vaccinated will not be able to get money or make purchases

Cashless payments may become routine in a post-pandemic society. But they could also create an entirely new problem, claims a Facebook post.   

“Plan for the future: If you don’t get vaccinated with ALL vaccines — child and adult — you will not be able to get money or purchase anything including food,” asserts text above an apparent news article, “Vaccine Companies Partner with Mastercard to Merge Vaccines with Cashless Money System.”  

The post goes on to urge its readers to “stand up NOW and tell the government that #WeDoNotConsent,” calling for action before January, otherwise “we will not be able to

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