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Kanye West Already Owns Some of His Masters, Universal Contracts Show

Kanye West has said publicly for years that he deserves to own the rights to his music — the master recordings of his songs, and his publishing — even though he knowingly signed contracts with Universal Music Group and Sony/ATV Music Publishing, with top attorneys present, that adhere to music industry standards whereby the company is the owner. He even sued both companies over the matter last year; while the Universal suit is ongoing, sources say he settled with Sony/ATV last fall.

West renewed those efforts during his epic Twitter binge earlier this week, and tweeted out screen shots of dozens of pages from his contracts (although not all of them).

In the process, he revealed that he apparently already owns some of his masters.

Indeed, rather than demonstrating how unfair his contracts are, his tactic seems more likely to cause Universal tension with artists whose deals aren’t as artist-friendly

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Kanye West Is “Not Open To Any Form Of Business With Universal Or Sony”

The rapper is adamant on ownership.

Kanye West has always had a special comfort level for airing out his grievances on Twitter. Last night, he indulged in yet another tweetstorm, refusing to release new music until the dissolution of his record contract and demanding apologies from Drake and J. Cole.

This morning, the rapper followed up on last night’s tweets by sharing a screenshot of a message with an unknown person discussing options to release himself from his deals with Universal Music Group and Sony/ATV Music Publishing. The individual also warned that since Taylor Swift’s masters were reportedly bought for $300 million, the purchase of his own masters would be much more ambitious and expensive. “Remember that if you re-recorded these songs you could own these new masters outright,” the person suggested. 

After being presented with different legal options, West was firm. “I’m not open to any form of business

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