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The Unicorn Visa? The X1 Card? A New Breed of Futuristic Credit Cards Is Vying for Your Wallet

Is your credit card ripe for a technology update? That’s what some entrepreneurs think, and they’re going all in on a new generation of credit cards that attempt to leverage emerging tech for an upgraded user experience.

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Among the coolest new features of this breed of futuristic cards is their ability to create temporary virtual credit card numbers — which can be used for purchases and then disappear before they could possibly be used by a scammer. There are some great old-fashioned perks for these cards too, like the chance of earning 3x points or more on purchases.

The X1 Card

According to X1’s co-founder and CEO, Deepak Rao, there’s been “No true innovation in credit cards for multiple decades.” He notes that most people use basically the same cards as their parents and even their grandparents, and he cites cards that are still in

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US-Based Business Planning Software Unicorn o9 Solutions Aims To Accelerate Growth in India

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When the first public Web page was launched on August 6, 1991 by Berners-Lee, no one ever thought that the Internet would be considered as a fundamental right in some countries. The reason is quite obvious, now we eat, live and breathe the Internet. When it comes to business, back then the idea of using the Internet to scale their businesses was yet to be sown. However, now most of the businesses are relying on the Internet to stay afloat and serve customers.

While it is true that the Internet has jumpstarted multiple businesses, lack of demand forecasting, disarrayed supply-chain management and poor business planning solutions have resulted in manufacturers losing their grip over the market in this age of cut-throat competition. 

Understanding the importance of integrated business planning and the dire need of

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