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Unfinished business leaves room for big ideas

Editorial: shared concerns

MADISON, Wis. — One of the tools we’ve used to help us focus our editorials over the last 28 years is an annual editorial agenda. It was a handful of issues we felt deserved added attention, an effort to reflect the issues important at the time. And it was frequently a reminder of what we had yet to accomplish.

In this next to last editorial I am struck by how many issues on our agenda challenge us still. Here’s a few I hope we will make progress on in the next few years.

First reform the redistricting process. This is one of the most important issues we face as a state. Our politics are an ugly, dysfunctional, mess. Too much money is one reason. Unethical gerrymandering is a bigger one.


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‘Unfinished Business’ How the Fort Benton Longhorns Are Defying Predictions

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Leo Goldman


“We’ve got unfinished business.” said Jory Thompson, Fort Benton head coach.

In 2019, nobody could stop the Fort Benton Longhorns. They dominated their Class C regular season schedule, going 8 and 0 and winning their division handily. But the Fairview Warriors ended the Longhorns dream season in the semifinals, two games short of a state championship.

“Fairview was an excellent, excellent team. Would never take that away from them. You know, knowing that we lost four guys the week before in the second half against Park City in the quarterfinals, I think that was a huge blow for us and we just didn’t recover from that.” said Thompson.

Then, to make matters worse, nearly half of their offense was lost to graduation, including team captain and quarterback Garret Diekhans.

“The guy could improvise on the

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