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Yelp May Appear Cheap On The Face Of It But Underlying Issues Are Here To Stay (NYSE:YELP)

Note: I have written about Yelp previously, investors should see this as an update to my earlier article on the company

Since my last article on Yelp (YELP), the company has struggled to kick on share price wise. Now, down 12% since then. Yelp’s reliance on small businesses has hit the company hard over the last few months. While the greater transition to online booking will benefit the company, the ties to the restaurant and retail sectors are simply too strong, and in the current environment, that is not a great position to be in. While some may argue that Yelp is ‘cheap’ at current levels, investors must look forward and wonder where the future growth catalysts will actually come from.

Small businesses still struggling

Yelp’s revenues remain small-business focused, as they look to sell advertising space to local businesses so they can drive greater traction into stores. While previously

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Did The Underlying Business Drive Alteryx’s (NYSE:AYX) Lovely 471% Share Price Gain?

While Alteryx, Inc. (NYSE:AYX) shareholders are probably generally happy, the stock hasn’t had particularly good run recently, with the share price falling 22% in the last quarter. But that doesn’t displace its brilliant performance over three years. Over that time, we’ve been excited to watch the share price climb an impressive 471%. So you might argue that the recent reduction in the share price is unremarkable in light of the longer term performance. Only time will tell if there is still too much optimism currently reflected in the share price.

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Alteryx isn’t currently profitable, so most analysts would look to revenue growth to get an idea of how fast the underlying business is growing. Generally speaking, companies without profits are expected to grow revenue every year, and at a good clip. That’s because fast revenue growth can be easily extrapolated to forecast profits, often

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