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World Financial Planning Day Spotlights Value of Financial Planning in Uncertain Times

WASHINGTON, Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. (CFP Board) is joining with the Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB) in recognizing World Financial Planning Day. The annual event held this year on October 7, 2020, promotes the importance and impact of the financial planning profession.

“During this time of unprecedented economic and financial uncertainty, consumers can be empowered by CFP® professionals who help to build financial confidence today and security tomorrow,” said CFP Board CEO Kevin R. Keller, CAE. “We are pleased to join the FPSB network to increase awareness of the importance of financial planning.”

With a 2020 theme of “Live Your Today. Plan Your Tomorrow,” the day promotes consumer awareness and understanding of the financial planning topics including combatting financial stress, budgeting, and how to seek the guidance of a CFP® professional.

During World Financial Planning Day, FPSB and

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U.S. Business Spending Digging Out of Deep Hole; Outlook Uncertain | Investing News

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – New orders for key U.S.-made capital goods increased more than expected in August and shipments raced to their highest level in nearly six years, suggesting a rebound in business spending on equipment was underway after a prolonged slump.

The show of confidence by businesses in the report from the Commerce Department on Friday also bolstered expectations for a sharp turnaround in economic activity in the third quarter, thanks to government money, after it was hammered by the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of the year.

But fiscal aid is running out and new coronavirus cases are rising in the country, clouding the fourth-quarter picture.

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell this week stressed the need for more fiscal stimulus, telling lawmakers on Thursday that it could make the difference between continued recovery and a much slower economic slog. Another rescue package appears unlikely before the Nov. 3

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Central Bank Head: Europe’s Recovery Uncertain, Incomplete | Business News

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — The head of the European Central Bank says that the economy is rebounding but that the recovery remains uncertain, incomplete and dependent on containig the virus outbreak.

ECB President Christine Lagarde told a joint meeting of parliamentary deputies from France and Germany on Monday that incoming data suggest a strong economic rebound in the third quarter, that is, July through September. But she added that “the strength of the recovery remains very uncertain, as well as uneven and incomplete.”

“It continues to be highly dependent on the future evolution of the pandemic and the success of containment policies,” she said.

The ECB is pumping 1.35 trillion euros ($1.6 trillion) in newly printed money into the economy through ongoing bond purchases through the end of next year. That is a large-scaled monetary stimulus aimed at preventing the pandemic from causing turmoil in financial markets, and at keeping

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Protiviti Updates ‘Guide to Business Continuity & Resilience’ for Today’s Uncertain Times

MENLO PARK, Calif., Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Protiviti has completed a major update to its highly regarded Guide to Business Continuity & Resilience. First produced in 2005, the guide has been updated to reflect today’s new threats and business realities, especially in light of lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 guide includes answers to 50 new critical questions business leaders must ask to ensure they will be ready to respond when disaster strikes.

“The disruption caused by COVID-19 weighs heavily on the minds of every business planner, but the pandemic is only one disruption threat that companies manage,” said Ron Lefferts, managing director and leader of the Technology Consulting practice at Protiviti. “Cyber threats, data breaches, natural disasters, threat actor activity and other like events can occur at any moment, causing network outages, disrupting logistics, destroying infrastructure – creating unforeseen operational bottlenecks and preventing workers

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6 Strategies to Make A Long-Term Real Estate Decision in an Uncertain Market

When making decisions regarding real estate, companies ask questions like: How many people do we need to accommodate? How much space do we need? How should that space be configured? What if we need less or more space in the future?

What if their predictions are wrong?

Michael Griffin, Transwestern

In an ever-changing world—demonstrated by the rapid adjustments brought on by COVID-19—companies should start with the mindset that, to some degree, they are going to get something wrong. It may sound crazy, but no business can reasonably predict precisely what its space needs are going to be in 2024 or beyond. However, with this foreknowledge—and a savvy real estate advisor—risks can be minimized.

Here are some tools and strategies that may help solve the real estate riddle:

  1. Concerned about leasing too much office space? If so, design the physical space with an eye toward how one can easily downsize the
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An Inspirational Guide for Uncertain Times: 7 ideas and resources for marketers and business leaders to help spark your next great success

uncertain times guide

This article was originally published in the MarketingSherpa email newsletter.

 “When will things get back to normal?” Have you heard that question a lot lately? I sure have.

Here’s my take on it — there is no normal. Things are always changing. That is the nature of the world and especially the marketing industry.

Yes, COVID-19 has sent shockwaves the world over changing how we greet, eat, meet and so much more. It has unsettled so many of us because it is a change felt by everyone, in every industry, in every country, all the time, with no clear end.

However, you have probably faced equally disruptive changes in your industry, your company or your job role. Perhaps your company was acquired or lost a major customer, or a new competitor entered your field and changed everything. New technology may have changed how you do your job or how

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IT budgets 2020-21: Planning for business continuity in uncertain times

The conclusion to last year’s instalment of this article stated that “IT budgeting is challenging at the best of times, but for 2020 an extra helping of political and economic instability — possibly even global recession — will make things even harder for CIOs.” That was with a backdrop of international trade tensions — particularly between the US and China — and, in Europe, the UK’s protracted and increasingly painful extrication from the European Union following the 2016 Brexit referendum.

None of these factors have gone away — but they have, of course, been overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019 and has come to dominate the fortunes and agendas of individuals and families, businesses and organisations, and nations.


Image: Google Trends

In this article, we’ll summarise the emerging macroeconomic trends, examine analyst forecasts for IT spending in 2020/21, and look at the responses

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Finance planning is the key to business agility in uncertain times

(© zffoto – Shutterstock)

The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to impact businesses and the economy and will for some time to come. But exactly how much remains unclear, and finance officials have to plan around that uncertainty.

Most businesses weren’t equipped for what we are now facing, particularly when it comes to planning. Three of four finance executives admit their planning processes have not prepared them for economic and geopolitical disruption of any kind, let alone a global pandemic.

Also, three of four financial planning and analysis (FP&A) practitioners rated “information uncertainty” stemming from COVID-19 as having a significant or moderate impact on their organizations, according to a recent survey by the Association for Financial Professionals.

This uncertainty means finance teams will need to be even more agile to help their companies succeed. Even under normal circumstances, agility is a defining characteristic of businesses that can better anticipate what’s coming,

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