Diversity training shouldn’t be toxic

As Election Day nears, President Donald Trump has found a new enemy: anti-racist diversity training for federal employees. Earlier this month, a memo from the Office of Management and Budget informed federal departments and agencies of a presidential directive to root out training programs incorporating “critical race theory” (an approach that analyzes society through the lens of race and power), or depicting either the United States or any racial group as “inherently racist or evil.” Meanwhile, on Twitter, he railed against the programs as a “sickness that cannot be allowed to continue.”

Reports on Trump’s initiative, apparently inspired by Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, have treated it as race-baiting for the base. It fits Trump’s image as the president of white people who resent losing their dominance and see him as their savior.

Yet whatever Trump’s motive, his target in this instance is a real problem: workplace diversity programs are

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