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CVS: Stupid Cheap, Big Growth Potential In PBMs, Tough Competitive Environment (NYSE:CVS)

As an investor who is constantly self-critical and on an endless pursuit of performance optimization, I’m continually evaluating some of the biggest risks on some of the best-performing stocks and industries, and wondering… what is Wall Street pricing (or not pricing) in?

Lately, my latest obsession has been with maturing industries. It’s not hard to sniff out these industries and see the afflicted companies littered all around the S&P 500 – stocks that have performed terribly compared to the index despite a roaring recovery since the Great Correction of March 2020.

And yet, so many of these bigger stocks have underperformed not in a silo, but rather together with their peers. Intuitively, it must make sense – industries mature, and it creates a tough environment for even the best competitors of that industry to perform at the level that investors expect.

Some examples of subpar price appreciation, note the

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Trump administration set to make it tough for US cos to hire H-1B visa holders – world news

The Trump administration plans to make it harder for US companies to hire foreign workers on H-1B non-immigrant short-term visas, by narrowing the definition of “speciality” occupation and raising minimum wages for the employees.

Both measures are intended to ensure American workers were not displaced or denied jobs because of cheaper foreign workers. Critics of the H-1B programme argue that US companies are hiring foreign workers to displace American ones, and that they are not highly skilled as they ought to be. More than 70% of these H-1B visas go to Indians hired by US companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple, and US subsidiaries of Indian IT companies such as Infosys, Wipro and TCS.

Office of Management and Budget of the White House has posted a notice on its website saying a review was under way of H-1B and other visas, but no details were available.

White House

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Amid ‘ease of business’ claims, going remains tough for MNCs

Noting that for foreign investments to come in, it is essential that appropriate incentives, single window clearance among other incentives are provided, Sumit Batra, Partner at India Law Alliance, says that India has not been able to provide such comfort to foreign investors. “Issues such as retrospective applicability of tax laws, change in overall business sentiments, tedious compliances and an era ushered by ordinances, has made things difficult,” Batra told IANS.

Several bigwigs have from time to time raised their concerns regarding the issues faced in the one of the largest consumer markets in the world, the latest being Shekar Viswanathan, Vice Chairman of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, the Indian unit of Toyota. In a recent interview Viswanathan said that Toyota Motor Corp will not expand further in India due to the high tax regime in the country, adding that apart from impacting expansion plans, high levies also impact demand and

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Some new businesses persevere despite tough conditions

Julie Campbell had to rethink her new wallpaper business before she could sell her first sheet.

Campbell launched Pasted Paper in February, but soon after, the coronavirus forced the cancellation of the trade shows where she expected to introduce her wallpaper to prospective retail customers. Suddenly, the $30,000 she’d invested in creating the wallpaper was at risk, dependent on her transforming the company to sell directly to consumers.

To save Pasted Paper, Campbell learned online selling and marketing — skills not immediately in her wheelhouse.

“I had so much inventory and I needed to sell it. I was forced to figure this out,” Campbell says.

A recession amid a pandemic may seem like the worst time to start a business. Despite millions of loans and grants from federal and state governments, it’s estimated that hundreds of thousands of companies have already failed since the virus outbreak began.

Yet, from people

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Setting the Right Business Strategy To Tide Over Tough Times

Everyone is working towards ensuring an appropriate balance between the current situation and long-term ambition of their organizations

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Organizations across the globe are realigning their operations to ensure seamless business continuity in these unprecedented times owing to COVID-19. Everyone is working towards ensuring an appropriate balance between the current situation and long-term ambition of their organizations.

These difficult times call for all hands on deck and leadership plays a pivotal role in keeping the ship sailing by taking constant strategic decisions. Business leaders today are focusing on the business continuity challenges presented by COVID-19 and the need to consistently work towards keeping employees as safe as it could be expected under the

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