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De Blasio Is Pregnant With Tons Of Big Ideas For NYC’s Rebirth. You Just Wait

For weeks now, amid ongoing pandemic hardship and an increasingly dire financial forecast, Mayor Bill de Blasio has been teasing the roll out of an ambitious plan to get the city back on track. And so on Thursday morning, the mayor summoned the city’s reporters for a rare in-person press conference to announce [drum roll, please; wait for it; ack sorry, seems we’re actually running a bit behind schedule today, just sit tight and keep on drumming. Hey, who here remembers “Tubthumping”?]

“Today we lay out foundations of recovery again,” the mayor said, launching into his best attempt at an uplifting address. “There will be a rebirth, there will be a renaissance, and anyone who wants to be a part of that mission is welcome.”

The weight of that monumental task, he continued, will rest on four sturdy pillars: fighting COVID, investing in innovation for public health research, creating

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Verso: Tons Of Cash And A Cheap Valuation (NYSE:VRS)

How is nobody talking about this? Verso (NYSE:VRS) has just announced a special one-time dividend alongside its regularly scheduled dividend. Does this mean Verso doesn’t need the cash especially in the midst of a possible decline in its main graphics paper vertical?

Thesis: Verso corporation is undervalued on a book value basis. After the sale of its two factories, it amassed a ton of cash promised to shareholders. This cash will help close the gap in its undervaluation and provide more value.

Verso does not look like it’s in the midst of a full turnaround, especially with its main vertical focus being graphics papers. So, why is it returning so much cash to shareholders and how might this affect its business going forward?

A Special One-Time Dividend to Close The Valuation Gap

Verso just recently announced that it was issuing a special one-time dividend. This dividend is to be $3

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