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Today’s Logistics Report: Planning Vaccine Delivery; Germany’s Export Cloud; Assembling Ford Trucks

Plans for distributing a Covid-19 vaccine remain a work in progress as the shots move closer to approval. State officials and medical-supply experts say critical issues weren’t resolved in the federal government’s release of two vaccine-distribution plans this week. The WSJ’s Peter Loftus and Jared S. Hopkins report the slow ramp-up for a distribution strategy could hamper efforts to get doses quickly to health-care workers and others at high risk of infection. Some states might not initially get all of the supplies they were expecting, or have the freezer capacity needed to safely store their drug allocation.

Transportation and logistics companies have been preparing for the potential sudden rush to distribute doses through temperature-controlled networks with little margin for error. The federal program through Operation Warp Speed sketches out distribution of any vaccine that regulators authorize for use, including starting shipments within 24 hours of the green light. But medical

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Protiviti Updates ‘Guide to Business Continuity & Resilience’ for Today’s Uncertain Times

MENLO PARK, Calif., Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Protiviti has completed a major update to its highly regarded Guide to Business Continuity & Resilience. First produced in 2005, the guide has been updated to reflect today’s new threats and business realities, especially in light of lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 guide includes answers to 50 new critical questions business leaders must ask to ensure they will be ready to respond when disaster strikes.

“The disruption caused by COVID-19 weighs heavily on the minds of every business planner, but the pandemic is only one disruption threat that companies manage,” said Ron Lefferts, managing director and leader of the Technology Consulting practice at Protiviti. “Cyber threats, data breaches, natural disasters, threat actor activity and other like events can occur at any moment, causing network outages, disrupting logistics, destroying infrastructure – creating unforeseen operational bottlenecks and preventing workers

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NFL insider notebook: How Black agents are adjusting to today’s NFL climate, a big week for one agent, more

This weekend we are going to see players of all races demonstrating during pregame ceremonies in the fight for racial equality. Black players specifically have had a hard year in light of the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and in figuring out how to publicly display their emotions about these killings, they’ve relied on their trusted agents.

Earlier this week I hopped on a call with Chafie Fields, a 43-year-old agent who starred at Penn State at wide receiver before playing a couple years in the NFL. He’s the lead agent for 38 NFL players and co-reps a few others, which makes him, by volume, one of the most prominent Black agents today.

I asked him how he’s processed the events of the past four months and how he’s tried to help guide his Black clients.

“It’s a little different because pre-George Floyd, my sentiments were the same

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Today’s worst TV show idea is: RoboCop without RoboCop

There’s a TV series in the making right now that involves characters from the RoboCop movie franchise. RoboCop, the 1987 movie directed by Paul Verhoeven, the movie that had two sequels: RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3, the movie that had one reboot: RoboCop (2014). Now there’s an idea in the mix for a TV series that’d be a prequel to RoboCop… so… no RoboCop.

To be clear, here, this is not the same project as the movie tentatively called RoboCop Returns. That project was supposed to be directed by Neill Blomkamp, created as a follow-up to the original film, sort of an alternate reality instead of RoboCop 2. They even planned on using the same suit from the original – “1 million% original” said Blomkamp back in June of 2019.

Then in August of 2019, Blomkamp announced that he would no longer be working on this film. In November of

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Today’s Awkward Zoom Classes Could Bring a New Era of Higher Education

The fall semester of 2020 is like nothing we have seen before in higher education. Most colleges and universities in the United States are conducting classes either partly or fully online. Many students have chosen to defer or to forego their education completely. Many colleges and universities will suffer extreme financial stress; some–up to 345 colleges, according to one recent estimate–could be forced to close. Faculty are likely to face layoffs unprecedented in the history of U.S. higher education.

These seismic changes are both a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic and a long-delayed response to demographic and economic shifts. But they are also–subtly, and critically–the result of technological change. In fact, if we pull back from the immediate horrors of this moment, the move to online learning has actually been underway since around 2010, when universities and private entrepreneurs first began to experiment with Massive Open Online Courses, or

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Mobile Asset Management Can Address Today’s Challenges And Beyond

By Rachel Romanski, SAP

As companies adjust to new realities in the age of COVID-19, many seek ways to minimize face-to-face work as much work as possible. For organizations whose people do their work mostly on computers at their desks, this adjustment has been doable. These workers can log into work streams from home, attend meetings via Zoom meetings, and use online collaboration tools to share their work product and generate documents.

For manufacturers who make things in plants and factories, it’s been more challenging. How do you maintain social distance and COVID-related compliance in a busy plant? By now it’s obvious that the way forward involves a mix of strategies and policies that involve wearing masks, staggering shifts, reorganizing work areas, and more.

One key to success has been to find creative ways to help critical workers do as much work as possible off site – thus minimizing

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Why Cybersecurity Training and Upskilling Employees Is a Must For Organizations In Today’s Changing Business Dynamics

More and more businesses are seeking to revamp their modes of working and enable a tech-enabled digital realignment of core company operations

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The pandemic has ushered extensive industry-wide disruptions across all business avenues as organizations are swiftly pacing towards an online transition. More and more businesses are seeking to revamp their modes of working and enable a tech-enabled digital realignment of core company operations. With such a drastic shift towards digitization initiated in such little time, it is evident organizations would also need to prep up their cybersecurity defenses.

With India witnessing a 37 per cent increase in cyber-attacks in the first quarter of 2020 compared with last year, the road to

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