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Visa revocations just the tip of the iceberg

Chinese soldiers with masksAn immigration reform organization is not surprised that the Trump administration has revoked the visas of Chinese citizens suspected of espionage against the US.

This month the State Department revoked visas for more than 1,000 Chinese nationals due to potential security risks. The move is in line with the Trump administration’s efforts to curb Chinese espionage made possible by a poorly designed immigration and student visa system.

The action affects Chinese graduate students and researchers studying in the United States who were likely to have ties to China’s military and who were likely to steal American research.

“This announcement is no surprise anyone who’s followed the Chinese and their practices of stealing American technology,” responds Dave Ray, a spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). “This is common practice for the Chinese, and the easiest way they do that is by sending students here who are sometimes under

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BBB Tip of the Week:Surge in online shopping ushers in more fake websites

Stay-at-home orders, social distancing and other efforts to the curb the spread of the coronavirus have made online shopping a necessity in 2020.

Recent data collected by the United States Census Bureau revealed that online purchases have increased by more than 30% since mid-March. As more consumers connect with products virtually, the number of scammers creating fake websites to steal shoppers’ hard-earned money has spiked as well.

A series of investigations performed by Better Business Bureau Northwest and Pacific uncovered a significant number of online sellers using fraudulent websites to con consumers. Products featured on the fake sites ranged from outdoor sporting goods to furniture.

Scammers advertised exceptional deals for the products listed but ultimately never delivered any of what was ordered to consumers. Examples of the fake websites identified include the following:

• www.anorakat.com

• www.autount.com

• www.chicklder.com

• www.duffletta.com

• www.hillorest.com

• www.kapocord.com

• www.rippealou.com

Online shoppers allege

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BBB Tip of the Week: ID Theft and Benefits Fraud

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic in April and May, hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs. This led to an astounding increase in unemployment benefits claims filed across the country.

However, by mid-May, another story emerged: Con artists were filing fraudulent unemployment claims using consumers’ identities. Fraudulent claims were indeed mistakenly paid out, and thousands of people had to file identity theft reports with the government.

Now, we’re able to see the quantifiable impact of this fallout.

The Federal Trade Commission has confirmed that identify theft officially moved up to its No. 1 spot for fraud as of the third quarter, outpacing the number of reports it gets for imposter scams (i.e., fake phone calls and emails claiming to be from the Center for Disease Control or Social Security Administration). This was due in large part to the high volume of benefits fraud that occurred.


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