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How One North Carolina Business Has Built Better Supply Chains In Times Of Change

Business leaders who have gone through times of intense change and turmoil before already know that having a strong, guiding North Star is necessary to survive and, ultimately, thrive. Through pivots, customer and employee communications and considerations, and tough calls on the bottom line, companies with a clear mission and purpose as that guiding force have proven to be more resilient through downturns and crises.

Certified B Corporations are companies that have a verified positive impact on people and the planet. Many B Corps, which are held accountable by the nonprofit B Lab, have been exemplars of how to address crises with stakeholder considerations beyond their shareholders. For North Carolina-based B Corp TS Designs, the pandemic has provided what CEO and president Eric Henry calls “a second time at bat at building domestic, transparent, equitable supply chains.”

“I think COVID is

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Choose Scrum Master Certification to develop and deliver products | Malawi Nyasa Times

One of the best ways to deal with the development, delivery and maintenance of complex products that are related to the field of software development is the Scrum Master Certification, which is the use of an agile framework not only in the field of software development but also in other fields such as marketing and advanced technologies, research, and sales. With the help of this certification, you will get to learn more about the skills important for project management and other aspects of technological processes.


Things you get to learn

While you work in the field of technology, teamwork is crucial as it holds up the entire company. With Scrum master certification, you will get a chance to come across the various aspects of organisational techniques and procedures. It is an agile framework where you will get a thorough understanding of testing and development in the field of software. With

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Protiviti Updates ‘Guide to Business Continuity & Resilience’ for Today’s Uncertain Times

MENLO PARK, Calif., Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Protiviti has completed a major update to its highly regarded Guide to Business Continuity & Resilience. First produced in 2005, the guide has been updated to reflect today’s new threats and business realities, especially in light of lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2020 guide includes answers to 50 new critical questions business leaders must ask to ensure they will be ready to respond when disaster strikes.

“The disruption caused by COVID-19 weighs heavily on the minds of every business planner, but the pandemic is only one disruption threat that companies manage,” said Ron Lefferts, managing director and leader of the Technology Consulting practice at Protiviti. “Cyber threats, data breaches, natural disasters, threat actor activity and other like events can occur at any moment, causing network outages, disrupting logistics, destroying infrastructure – creating unforeseen operational bottlenecks and preventing workers

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Covid-19 News: Live Updates – The New York Times

The damage to the world’s major economies from coronavirus lockdowns has been six times more severe than the 2009 global financial crisis and created an “unprecedented” blow to growth in the second quarter in almost every country except China, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development said Monday.

Growth in the nations represented by the Group of 20 — an organization of 19 countries and the European Union, representing 80 percent of the world’s economic production — fell by a record 6.9 percent between April and June from the previous three months as governments kept people indoors and froze business activity. The drop eclipsed a 1.9 percent contraction recorded in the same period in 2009, when the financial crisis was at a peak, the organization said.

China, where lockdowns ended earlier than in the rest of the world, was the only economy to bounce back, expanding at an 11.5 percent

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Sweet Designs Chocolatier owner marks 25 years as business grows during Covid times (photos, video)

LAKEWOOD, Ohio – For many folks, coronavirus posed challenges, closed businesses, changed lives.

a close up of a keyboard: Ines Rehner's Sweet Designs Chocolatier has changed its business model, but the Lakewood shop is doing well. And the challenges of coronavirus aren't phasing the owner, who learned about hardship growing up in what is now Croatia.

© Marc Bona, cleveland.com/cleveland.com/TNS
Ines Rehner’s Sweet Designs Chocolatier has changed its business model, but the Lakewood shop is doing well. And the challenges of coronavirus aren’t phasing the owner, who learned about hardship growing up in what is now Croatia.

Ines Rehner took it in stride.

Rehner’s Sweet Designs Chocolatier has flipped its business model upside down. She has shifted from 90% walk-in and 10% shipping business to the other way around. She works with companies and customers to offer unique packages highlighting messages and logos.

a man cooking in a kitchen preparing food: Sweet Designs Chocolatier workers create the chocolates on the premises.

© Marc Bona, cleveland.com/cleveland.com/TNS
Sweet Designs Chocolatier workers create the chocolates on the premises.

She attributes her ability to survive and succeed on a foundation built on hardship, coupled with continuing determination and creativity. Those traits have served her well: Rehner is marking 25 years in business.

She emigrated to

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Estate planning provides peace of mind in troubling times

I have read that sign every time I have walked into her office over the years — hundreds of times. Words could never have rung more true if I had taken heart of that advice in September of 2019.

No one could have truly understood the ramifications of COVID-19 on our fellow Oklahomans over the past year. Regardless of your political position or your tax bracket, the disease has changed our lives forever.

As one of the partners at our estate planning law firm, I am frequently asked by other business owners and friends if COVID has hurt Evans & Davis the same way it has hurt so many others. I smile and shake my head and try to avoid the question.

The reality of what I have learned over two decades of drafting wills and trusts is that when bad things happen in the world, people think about dying.

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Adapting to the Times by Taking a Live Event and Turning It Virtual: Portrait Masters 2020

It’s no secret that 2020 has thrown the world a few curveballs. But while the majority of events are either canceling or postponing, Sue Bryce and her team have hit the ground running in order to keep the Portrait Masters Conference alive and well. 

Last year, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Portrait Masters Conference in person. It was unlike any other conference I have been to. So, when the fate of 2020 events was sealed, I assumed that the hope for Portrait Masters was a lost cause. The amount of planning and organization required to put on an event such as this is a full-time job itself. Now, throw is the task of reworking the entire setup to be virtual, and things get out of hand. Through this process, Sue and her team met with a handful of companies to see demonstrations of the various

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Funding Company Helping E-Commerce Companies and Landscaping Business Get Funding to Grow Their Business Through These Difficult Times

FAR ROCKAWAY, N.Y., Sept. 10, 2020  /PRNewswire/ — For every entrepreneur or small business owner, it is very important to face the reality that a significant amount of money is a prerequisite in order to be successful. The majority of the time, the money needs to be obtained from outside sources rather than within due to a number of reasons with number one being the lack of availability. Only a small lucky chunk of business owners get to rely on inside funding, mostly because their idea is not capital intensive, or they themselves are self-sufficient in terms of resources.

Funding for start-ups and small businesses is available in various forms, and it is up to the owner to take a wise decision on which type of funding would be most suitable. Each stage of the business requires different types of resources, and as the company evolves, different forms of

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4 Times When Hiring a Marketing Agency Doesn’t Make Sense

Who you gonna call? No, not the Ghostbusters – a digital marketing agency. At least, that’s how most people react when they realize they need help with online advertising. Increasingly, online marketing is a massive deal – with 86% of B2C marketers reflecting that content marketing is a key strategy for success. Hence, it makes sense to hire a professional that understands the core industry principles. Right? Well, hiring a marketing agency isn’t always the only answer, even the best answer to your success.

Rushing right in to hire a professional marketing team isn’t always the best answer. After all, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy that guarantees success. For your business to grow and expand, you must utilize tools, strategies, and tactics tailored to your company, your goals, and your values. Otherwise, you’ll fail, and unlike Frank Sinatra, you won’t do it your way.

The cold reality is this: you

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Setting the Right Business Strategy To Tide Over Tough Times

Everyone is working towards ensuring an appropriate balance between the current situation and long-term ambition of their organizations

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Organizations across the globe are realigning their operations to ensure seamless business continuity in these unprecedented times owing to COVID-19. Everyone is working towards ensuring an appropriate balance between the current situation and long-term ambition of their organizations.

These difficult times call for all hands on deck and leadership plays a pivotal role in keeping the ship sailing by taking constant strategic decisions. Business leaders today are focusing on the business continuity challenges presented by COVID-19 and the need to consistently work towards keeping employees as safe as it could be expected under the

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