visa hold-ups for journalists a sign of tightening media control and widening rift

China’s foreign ministry said on Monday it was still “processing” visa extension applications for several foreign correspondents affiliated with American media amid reports that more foreign journalists in China have been caught in the ongoing spat between Beijing and Washington.

Hua Chunying, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ press department, tweeted in the afternoon that: “#CNN journalist and a few other #US journalists’ visa extension applications are being processed, during which they can continue to live and work here with no problems at all.”

“We would be glad to continue our excellent cooperation with the #US journalists here if the Chinese journalists are treated fairly in the US,” she continued, adding that the US had delayed and denied the visas of about 30 Chinese journalists and “expelled 60 in Mar, limited visas for all Chinese journalists to a max 90-day stay in May [and] has not approved visa extension

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