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Coronavirus Threatens Schools, Business Shutdown In NYC Hotspots

NEW YORK, NY — For the first time in New York City’s recovery from the coronavirus crisis, certain neighborhoods could be headed back into lockdown, health officials said.

The NYC Health Department warned late Thursday that Brooklyn and Queens ZIP codes facing coronavirus upticks will face new shutdown-era rules next week should their spikes in cases continue to rise.

The shutdown would include closing all non-essential businesses, prohibiting gatherings of more than 10 people, issuing fines to those not wearing masks and closing private schools and childcare centers found flouting Department of Education rules.

“These clusters continue to see considerable growth in COVID-19,” the health department said. “If the indicators continue to rise, there must be additional enforcement actions.”

The shutdown threat comes just a few days after city officials warned about “clusters” of COVID-19 cases centered on Ocean Parkway, Edgemere and Far Rockaway, Williamsburg and Kew Gardens.

As of

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Xbox’s next-generation strategy threatens to disrupt the console business l Opinion

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I woke up yesterday morning to a string of emails and messages from people asking for my thoughts on the Xbox Series S reveal.

Is this going to change the game in terms of who buys consoles at the start of a new generation? How much of a blow is this $299/£249 price going to be for PlayStation? Will consumers understand what the hell is going on with all these different configurations? Is it fair to even call this new console a next-gen device?

I sat back for a good few moments, thought about historical precedents and my own accrued knowledge from decades analysing the video games market, before replying the same answer to each message.


The Series S is a different approach to next-gen

“I don’t know.”

Even leaving aside the pandemic for a moment, this has been an exhilarating and exasperating move to a new

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