It’s still Day One for remote learning: A tech dad’s thoughts on the new era of public education

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[Editor’s Note: Seattle tech entrepreneur and hacker Adam Doppelt, co-founder of local business recommendation startup Fresh Chalk, previously co-founded Dwellable and Urbanspoon. GeekWire asked him to expand on a recent Facebook post in this guest commentary.]

As a tech guy and dad to kids in Seattle Public Schools, I experienced the first day of the new school year with a strange brew of empathy and frustration. Man, what a nightmare. The district handed out laptops to tens of thousands of kids. Can we fathom the herculean effort required to purchase, unbox, image and distribute tens of thousands of laptops in just a few weeks? Pour one out for the SPS Department of Technology Services.

Adam Doppelt
Adam Doppelt

I witnessed the carnage up close. Here are a few thoughts on where we can go from here. While these observations are specific to Seattle Public Schools, many of the larger

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