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A national movie theater chain is rolling out a wild plan to let you rent your own private cinema, starting at $300 plus the cost of tickets

Alamo Drafthouse

© Alamo Drafthouse
Alamo Drafthouse

  • Alamo Drafthouse theaters, a national movie chain based in Texas, now offers customers the opportunity to rent out an entire theater.
  • Having an auditorium to yourself costs $150, plus a ticket for each guest and at least $150 in concessions.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has roiled the movie theater industry, with a recent poll showing that only 22% of US adults feel comfortable going to a theater.
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In a bid to bring viewers back to cinemas, a chain of US movie theaters is now allowing customers to rent out entire theaters starting at $150. Family members and podmates can view releases like Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” and classics like “Jaws” at Alamo Drafthouse theaters, without worrying about contracting COVID-19 from a stranger two seats over.

The private theater program has shown early promise. After being piloted in Texas, the company

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Tempe’s Changing Hands Is Part Bookstore, Part Retail Theater

Inc. is celebrating Small Business Week 2020 with a look at local merchants beloved by customers whose devotion goes beyond loyalty and well into passion.

Nevaeh McKenzie reliably attracts crowds to his monthly story hours at Changing Hands Books. Glossy-tressed and thick-lashed, McKenzie–Miss Gay Arizona 2015–reads from books about feelings and inclusion to between 40 and 100 parents and children, sprawled on the floor or perched on folding chairs. Later McKenzie and the other storytellers–Sophia Sinclair (former Empress to the Imperial Court of Arizona) and Gray Matter (the reigning Mister Phoenix Pride)–lead the children in a craft related to compassion and self-confidence.

“It is incredible to see a 10-year-old boy sitting there–laughing, crying–and then afterward saying this is the only place I feel safe in the entire world,” says Gayle Shanks, the store’s co-owner.

Drag Queen Story Hour, which Changing Hands introduced in 2019, joins an eclectic lineup of programs

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WeWork Will Follow the Movie Theater Business Into Oblivion

As a result of the pandemic, WeWork may become successful as companies large and small look for places to park workers until they decide to reopen permanent offices. Or, like the movie theater business, it could collapse under the weight of the fear people have of enclosed spaces that house groups in an environment that is hard to keep safe and control. The second case is by far the more likely of the two.


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WeWork already was wrecked by the idea that a nearly unlimited number of people wanted to spend money on high-end temporary offices. Free coffee and pleasant workspaces were not enough to support its growth financially. WeWork cratered under the weight of its own financial obligations. The pandemic nearly finished the job. Office buildings in cities around America, and in many places overseas, remain almost vacant. WeWork will need to be one of the first

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