COVID temp. visa holders: ‘If you call 000 … I will send you back to your country’

Video above: Anti-domestic violence campaigner, Arman Abrahimzadeh, reveals the violence he experienced in his childhood. Full episode on SBS On Demand.

At the first sign of lockdown due to COVID-19 in Australia and across the globe, there were concerns domestic and family violence would increase in prevalence and intensity. It was also feared that, at the same time, conditions would prevent women from coming forward.

We have now gathered data showing these fears were well founded.

But what of the specific situation of temporary visa holders?

Our study of 100 cases during the first Victorian lockdown has illuminated the urgent need to remove barriers to support for temporary visa holders. It has also highlighted the need for changes to Commonwealth law and policy, so perpetrators are no longer able to use migration status as a means to control and abuse women.

This propensity is captured in the quote from one

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