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Teen creates site to help Asian American businesses

San Diego (KGTV)- Many Asian American business owners continue to struggle during the pandemic. One North County teen is hoping to help by creating a website to support local restaurants.

“I was hearing a lot of stories about Asians in my community experiencing discrimination during the pandemic,” says Kaia Culotta.

The 17-year-old says, coming from a family of small business owners, she wanted to do something to help.

“I realized that there wasn’t an easily accessible, comprehensible list of Asian owned businesses in my community,” says Culotta. “So, I saw a need for that.”

For weeks Culotta learned how to code, through free programs online, to build a website. The “Help Asian Owned Businesses” site has an extensive list of restaurants located around the county.

Culotta says her project sparked the interest of San Diego Council Member Chris Cate. He even shared a video promoting the site on social media.

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Story kick-starts sneaker business for Columbus teen – News – The Columbus Dispatch

Support, praise and new customers pour in for the Columbus teen who shook off the drudgery of a pandemic spring and summer with an in-home sneaker-restoration business.

Next on the to-do list for Antonio Davis, a Columbus teen who overcame his pandemic-shutdown boredom by creating a business, is learning how to ship packages.

“I gotta figure out the best way to mail stuff in and out, because now there are customers out-of-state,” Antonio said Friday.

He and his family say they have been swamped with attention and inquiries since The Dispatch wrote about the 15-year-old’s fledgling sneaker-restoration business on Monday.

“I don’t do social media, but I was being bombarded,” Misha McNeil, Antonio’s mom, said with a laugh. “People were sending me messages saying, ‘Look. This is your son, and he’s trending.’”

The East Side family heard not only from friends and would-be customers but also current and former teachers,

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Mokena Teen Starts Woodworking Business, Makes Custom Flags

MOKENA, IL — While at home remote learning, 14-year-old Mokena resident Seth Mendoza has learned a new skill. The Martino Junior High School student has learned about wood-working, and has even started his own business making homemade wooden flags.

Kelly Mendoza, Seth’s mom, said her son is now customizing the flags and has had a variety of requests.

“Seth is the kind of kid that can’t sit still,” Kelly said in an email to Patch. She said he would have his remote learning work done early, so his dad started to teach him woodworking skills.

“I started off by making a flag for our family, and a neighbor liked it and asked about it,” Seth told Patch With word of mouth, other neighbors began asking for flags, as well as family and friends.

Seth’s dad, Mike, was a U.S. Marine, who was injured in Iraq in 2006. The family has

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Columbus teen builds sneaker restoration business amid pandemic – News – The Columbus Dispatch

Antonio Davis, like so many teens, spent the early weeks of the pandemic unsure of what to do with himself. Then he switched off the television and started a business.

Laurise Johnson did the math. As an education specialist at an East Side after-school program, she’s all about the math.

Binge-watching 16 seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy” adds up to about 60 days of television, Johnson discovered. Quite a feat, even for a bored teenager.

Johnson suppressed the urge to laugh a little. If it was true – and Antonio Davis really had devoted that much of this spring’s COVID-19 shutdown to his favorite show – then Antonio’s mom, Misha McNeil, was right: Something had to give.

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“This has been hard

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