Rick Rahim Discusses Optimal Communication Techniques in Business

GREAT FALLS, VA / ACCESSWIRE / September 22, 2020 / In business, people often fail to use the correct form of written communication, says Rick Rahim. “And when they do, they get frustrated because the person they are trying to reach may not be responsive,” he says.

Rick Rahim is the President of BusinessVentures.com, a private firm he founded more than a decade ago. The company currently produces revenue in excess of $50,000,000.00. As the company’s top executive, Rahim’s time is always at a premium.

According to Rick, it’s important to select the best for of electronic communication when dealing with busy executives:

Rahim offers the following guidelines:

  1. If the message does not need immediate action or attention, it is best delivered via email.
  2. If the matter is very time sensitive, and requires instant delivery or response, then a text message is appropriate.
  3. If it’s a critical matter that requires
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