Do you have a question about how to run your business? Tec experts answer you for free

Don’t you know how to organize your team while they do home office? Has your supply chain been affected by the pandemic? Many entrepreneurs face these and many problems due to the global situation that affects the world due to COVID-1 9, but they cannot access mentors or consulting services due to their cost.

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Faced with this reality, the EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey launched Ask the EGADE Experts , a digital initiative that will allow you to pose your main problems and find strategic solutions from the voice of expert teachers.

Ask the EGADE Expert is a Tec de Monterrey platform where we make available to the country’s small and large business community -and actually Spanish-speaking because Internet borders do not exist- about our 300 professors of multiple nationalities who are experts in many business topics , leadership, technology and the transformation of organizations

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