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This online class from edX teaches you how to be funny at work

Workplaces around the world have changed in 2020 in ways that we never anticipated, leaving many colleagues struggling to form virtual bonds with one another and develop camaraderie over Zoom, even as they deal with the emotional toil of this doozy of a year. That’s why the online learning platform edX has created a special professional program that’s designed to energize teams, create more resilient workforces, and bring joy to the virtual workplace—by infusing it with humor.

The program, called Remotely Humorous, consists of three skills-building courses created by a pair of lecturers from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business: Naomi Bagdonas, a media and strategy consultant who moonlights as a stand-up comic, and Connor Diemand-Yauman, the co-CEO of Merit America, a nonprofit that offers professional skills training to people without college degrees.

Bagdonas and Diemand-Yauman took the bones of their Stanford class, which explores the importance of workplace humor through

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Stanford master’s degree program teaches tech, business skills for health care leaders

As a health services researcher and health economist, my job is to find a way to reduce the cost of great care. I literally feel bad at the end of the day if we haven’t made progress on that goal. It’s even our tagline at my academic home, the Clinical Excellence Research Center at Stanford.

Over the years, I’ve taught and created education programs around the issue of innovation in health care — at Duke University and then at Harvard Business School — before coming to Stanford Medicine in 2018. In these classes, students realize that solutions with the strongest potential for success draw equally on expertise in business, technology and medicine.

At Duke, I built a master’s degree program to develop future health care leaders with expertise that spans these key disciplines. Now, we’re launching the Stanford Medicine version, the Master of Science in Clinical Informatics Management (MCiM).


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