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Best online writing classes taught by bestselling authors and writers

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Best online writing courses

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  • Strong communication and writing skills will help you succeed in any profession.
  • Online classes are an affordable and flexible way to learn new writing strategies, as well as practice and receive feedback on your work.
  • All of the classes on this list are taught by accomplished, award-winning writers who have decades of experience.

Good writing skills can take you far (just take it from a business major who wormed her way into editorial). Regardless of your profession, clear language, engaging tone, and strategic delivery help you connect with your audience and achieve your goals. How you communicate, down to the nitty-gritty of punctuation, can make a huge difference — even up to $5 million, in one case.

Year after year, strong written communication skills top the list of employers’ most-desired qualities

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Ideas in the Wild: How Doug Foley Created a Blueprint from the Lessons That 150 Entrepreneurs Taught Him

Many of us live in a prison of our own making. We spend our lives dreading Mondays, looking forward to paychecks, and working longer hours, only to shoulder even more responsibility.

It’s a never-ending chase, but life doesn’t have to be that way. It’s time to stop going through the motions and start living. It’s time to build a business that offers you freedom.

After interviewing more than 150 entrepreneurs, Doug Foley realized they all had one thing in common—and it wasn’t a fancy job title, car, or house. Instead of building their lives around their businesses, they built their businesses around the lives they wanted to live.

He wrote Breakout Blueprint to help others follow their lead. Using the four pillars of every successful business—passion, expertise, need, and value—Doug explains how anyone can break free from the typical 9-to-5 and create a deeply fulfilling career on their own terms.

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What Teaching Online Classes Taught Me About Remote Learning

What if you gave a Zoom class and nobody came? That was my nightmare come true when I tried to teach my first online class in March. Many professors had taught online for years, by choice. Not me. I was forced.

A Manhattan technophobe, I freaked out, worried that if I lost my students I’d lose my job. I didn’t have anyone’s phone numbers, just email addresses. Luckily, I’d set up my old 2012 MacBook next to a newer model for Zooming. That way I could see and lead my entire feature journalism class while simultaneously being able to read and critique their work. The back-up laptop had an added benefit—in my inbox I found 25 emails explaining they’d never received the Zoom invitation I’d sent, the syllabus, or course material.

“Gmail doesn’t like group emails with attachments,” said the IT expert I’d emergency texted. “Send in iCloud.”

I tried

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