Migration to Cloud-based Business Operations wil Boost Growth in Switzerland Data Center Market – Press Release

Sydney, Sept. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Just released, this edition of Paul Budde Communication’s focus report on Switzerland outlines the major developments and key aspects in the telecoms markets.

Read the full report: https://www.budde.com.au/Research/Switzerland-Data-Center-Market-Investment-Analysis-and-Growth-Opportunities-2020-2025

Switzerland is ranked 12th in the world for mobile internet speed and 4th for fixed broadband. Over 90% of consumers and businesses in Singapore will have access to over 80 Mbps internet speed by 2021. Cloud computing adoption has experienced a considerable rate of growth in Switzerland, with an increase in data volumes. Increased digitalization of business is leading to the adoption of the public cloud, which is expected to witness at least 10% growth YoY between 2020-2025.

In 2019, the market witnessed a surge in the entry of cloud service providers to support local business adherence to the data protection law. Google, Oracle, and Microsoft opened their cloud regions in the country. The adoption

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