American Rifleman | Silencer Central: Suppressor Buying Simplified

Suppressors protect our ears from the dangerous high-frequency sound waves that are an unfortunate natural byproduct of firearm use. They’re the most effective flash hiders on the market. They make a shot far less likely to spook a hunter’s quarry. They cut felt recoil considerably. They can often even make your gun more accurate. 

Not to put too fine of a point on it, but silencers are awesome, and the fact that our government intentionally discourages their ownership and use by way of an onerous application process and what amounts to a $200 sin tax is an absolute travesty.


Silencer Central, a South Dakota-based suppressor manufacturer and dealer, has streamlined the convoluted silencer-buying process to the point of making it a non-issue for prospective buyers. The company’s line of Banish suppressors (l.) currently stands at five models.

Yet despite all these benefits—and the best efforts of their manufacturers, the

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