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NFL Sundays are back. There’s once again a morning commute. Halloween decorations are appearing on doorsteps. But it’s a little different than it was before. There are no fans in the stadium, there are fewer cars on the road, and trick-or-treating will probably be cancelled this year.

Businesses are back too—however, it’s not business as usual. Small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners are considering how to restart and rebound. Smart businesses are using this opportunity to rethink the way things were done before and are looking for help to future proof their businesses.

Help SMBs future-proof with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

One thing that all SMBs have in common is a need to examine whether they’ve outgrown their accounting or legacy ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. Do your customers:

  • Have siloed information and disconnected systems that make it hard for people to do their jobs?
  • Find it hard to
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