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3 Strategies to Help Retailers Avoid Super Peak Holiday Issues

With Americans spending more time at home, online shopping has accelerated at an unprecedented pace, with sales quickly surpassing holiday volume back in April. At CommerceHub, we continue to see a notable uptick in online order volume across the board for our top retailers, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

According to CommerceHub’s COVID-19 Shopping & Delivery Trends survey, 69% of consumers said they’d be more willing to subscribe to a delivery service for essential items following the COVID-19 pandemic

The upcoming peak holiday season will not only have to compete with decreased carrier capacity due to the pandemic but also the anticipated influx of mail-in election ballots – all of which could result in a “super peak” holiday nightmare for retailers that aren’t properly prepared. Now is the time for them to implement strategies to ensure they can keep up with demand and protect their customer experience.

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Here’s a super cheap growth share I think could be set to climb again

If you want to write a book on what can go wrong with a growth share, Accesso Technology (LSE: ACSO) could be a great subject.

Accesso does virtual queuing systems for theme parks and other attractions. Instead of wasting much of your time queuing up for rides, you get a fancy token thing that does the queuing for you and tells you when its your turn.

Sales had been growing, US theme parks came on board, and there was a world of opportunity. The Accesso share price soared, reaching £30 in September 2018.

As I write today, the shares are changing hands at around 300p. That’s a 90% fall in almost exactly two years. And it’s nothing to do with the Covid-19 crisis. No, even before the stock market crash kicked off in February 2020, Accesso shares were hovering around 550p. The pandemic has merely kicked the shares when they

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