Maggie Trevor for Illinois House in 54th District: Sun-Times endorsement

This northwest suburban district deserves a state representative willing to work in a bipartisan fashion in Springfield. That person looks like marketing and business consultant Maggie Trevor of Rolling Meadows. We endorse her with enthusiasm.

Trevor is an accomplished businesswoman and former college professor at the University of Iowa. In business, she had to persuade high-powered executives with big egos — the likes of which exist in Springfield — to find new strategies.

“My job as a market researcher was very often to go in and study the hard problems,” she tells us. “And very often I would be the one to have to tell C-suite executives that their favorite program, their favorite ad campaign, didn’t work. And so I had a lot of experience delivering hard news to people who had a lot invested in the decisions that they had made, and try to get them to change course.”

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