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TikTok, WeChat bans starting Sunday will be limited in scope

The restrictions the US government plans to impose on popular Chinese apps TikTok and WeChat will be limited in scope, and it has effectively pushed the deadline for TikTok to strike a deal out to November.

The Commerce Department announced early on Friday that as of Sunday, new US downloads of TikTok, owned by ByteDance, will be prohibited. WeChat will be banned from using services in the US necessary for the app to function. TikTok users who have the apps can continue to use them, but no upgrades or updates will be available after Sunday.

“The scope of the orders is pretty narrow, focused on US operations of the firms [and] apps, and not extending to their use in key markets like China or Southeast Asia,” said Paul Triolo, head of the geo-technology practice at Eurasia Group.

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Trump administration to ban TikTok, WeChat starting Sunday

Sept. 18 (UPI) — The Trump administration said Friday it will ban all U.S. business activities with Chinese social apps TikTok and WeChat beginning Sunday, to “protect the national security of the United States.”

The Commerce Department announced the ban as the administration is weighing approval for an agreement by TikTok to sell a minority stake to U.S. tech company Oracle.

TikTok, a China-based short-form video application, has more than 100 million users in the United States.

Starting Sunday, the administration will bar U.S. businesses from “any provision of service to distribute or maintain” both apps. For WeChat, transferring funds or processing payments in the United States will be prohibited.

Users in the United States will also be banned from downloading either app.

“Today’s actions prove once again that President [Donald] Trump will do everything in his power to guarantee our national security and protect Americans from the threats of

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