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Five Points, Denver’s central neighborhoods are summer’s most violent neighborhoods

DENVER (KDVR) – It isn’t your imagination. Denver’s city core neighborhoods, in particular Five Points, make up over a quarter of the city’s violent crime.

Yesterday, Five Points business owners voiced complaints of decreased foot traffic in their areas due to fears of violent crime and growing homeless concentrations from nearby shelters. The perception of nearby violent crime, Bruce Typher with Ken’s Reproduction said, deters the walk-in customers critical for business survival in the age of COVID-19 restrictions.

Crime does happen all over the city, but Typher is not wrong about his neighborhood. According to Denver Police Department data, Five Points had more violent crime over the summer than any other of Denver’s 79 statistical neighborhoods.

Denver police track crimes by category. Violent crime includes categories such as assault, homicide, gunfire or gun brandishing, and threats of harm. Five Points alone accounted for 6% of these kinds of crimes in

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Summer’s Officially Over – What’s Next for Businesses That Rely on Seasonal Tourism?

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On a sunny day in late August, the scene in Ogunquit, Maine, a small coastal town about 45 minutes south of Portland, was typical for its busy season. Tourists milled about in front of souvenir shops rifling through stacks of T-shirts with “Maine” emblazoned on them, and the line at local ice cream shop Sweet Pea’s was 10-deep. But the scene still wasn’t typical: Everyone had masks on, and that line at Sweet Pea’s? It stretched halfway down the block in accordance with social distancing.

Maine’s coast is a popular summer destination any year, but New York, New Jersey and Connecticut residents in particular flocked there in even greater numbers this warm season to take advantage of the fact that — coming from neighboring states with low infection rates —  they weren’t required to quarantine for 14 days or present a negative Covid-19 test

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