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Sessions seek to spark creativity and innovation to help businesses succeed

University of Nevada, Reno Extension continues its online town hall and webinar series to assist small-business owners, this week focusing on innovation.

Wednesday’s town halls, at 9 a.m. in English and 2 p.m. in Spanish, will introduce entrepreneurs to the AngelNV, a 2020-2021 start-up accelerator program that prepares both aspiring entrepreneurs and investors. Organizations in the business community, including StartupNV, Nevada SBDC and SCORE, have come together to sponsor AngelNV. 

The entrepreneur part of the program involves 10 weeks of free training in start-up topics. In early December, participants may pay $149 to sign up for the final pitch competition on March 25, where the top six finalists compete for the chance to win their business $200,000. The investor part of the program involves paying $6,000 to become a part of the pooled $200,000 investment, and in doing so, help create a network of  investors, gain exposure to different industries,

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7 Signs Your Business Will Succeed

In the United States, 45% of businesses don’t make it past five years. 65% don’t make it past ten years. Yet everyone who ever starts a business backs themselves to beat the odds. Optimism can be blind and naivety can be bliss, but is it possible to predict if a business will become a roaring success or a damp squib of a failure?

The trajectory is only partly defined by the idea, the rest is in the execution of the idea. The quality of the execution is shaped by the doers. The leader and the designers and the marketers. The rest is up to market forces and ability to adapt. Here’s how to know if your business will succeed.

People buy from you

Start a business because there’s a need for what you sell. Consider yourself a success only when

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For your home-based business to succeed, consider these tips

For your home-based business to succeed, consider these tips

Brooke Villanueva (Philstar.com) – September 28, 2020 – 4:02pm

MANILA, Philippines — Many Filipinos have taken the route to entrepreneurship to cope with widespread layoffs and pay cuts that have been persisting even months after nationwide pandemic lockdowns.

To keep paying the bills and other necessities, some opted to get creative in the kitchen and sell goodies, others started offering face masks, workout equipment, loungewear and other things online.

If you’re looking to start a business venture during this time, wealth coach Chinkee Tan strongly suggests that you do it online.

“That’s how people transact right now. That’s how people order stuff because of this pandemic,” he said in an exclusive interview with Philstar.com.

“The buying habits and patterns of people have already changed. They don’t want to get out and be exposed just to physically buy products,” he said

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Fresh Funding for More Filipino Businesses to Succeed Online

PayMongo, a Filipino-owned online payment platform, recently secured $12 million in a Series A financing round led by Stripe with participation from the company’s other existing investors – Y Combinator, Global Founders Capital and a new investor, Bedrock Capital.

The fresh investment brings PayMongo’s total funding to almost $15 million, just a little over a year since the company launched in June 2019 with a seed round of US$2.7 million, one of the largest among Philippine financial technology startups.

“The Series A funding builds on an exceptional first year for PayMongo. We’re thrilled to have amazing investors to support our mission of building the digital economic infrastructure in the Philippines,” said Francis Plaza, PayMongo CEO and co-founder.

The new capital enables PayMongo to further accelerate the rollout of new features and products in its aggressive roadmap and build up its product, design, and engineering teams.

“We are committed to build

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To Help a New Hire Succeed, Start With Managing Your Expectations for Them

Who you hire matters, but what you expect of them makes an even larger impact.

I recently hired for a new executive leadership position and had high expectations for what their role would look like. Even more so, I held high hopes around how this added contributor would impact my life for the better. After only a short period of time into bringing them on, I found myself feeling let down and began to question why.

I’ll be the first to admit I often set high expectations that even I can’t meet. And I am learning this isn’t the best way to bring on new hires, nor is it how to grow a team of inspired and engaged employees. As leaders, we have grand visions. If left unchecked, these can lead to unconsciously placing unspoken or unclear expectations on team members. 

This misalignment leads to disappointment, and that isn’t fun

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A good business manager puts others in positions to succeed

By J. Robert Parksinson
 |  Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Last week, as I was thumbing through a book I had written some time ago, I

came across a few essays I thought might be appropriate for this column. “Mottoes

for Managing” is a collection of sayings and comments that are accompanied by

essays elaborating the sayings’ ideas or concepts. All of the essays have to do with

some aspect of business or management.

One of the essays dealt with an old Chinese proverb: “Give a man a fish, and

he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” Obviously, this

saying relates to short-term versus long-term activities. Certainly there is good

reason for giving an item to someone. There can be even greater value in giving a

skill, however. Both the item and the skill are beneficial. Each must be selected


Here’s an example.

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6 effective skills you need to succeed as a business analyst : Augusta Free Press

(© Witthaya – stock.adobe.com)

Pursuing a career in the business analyst field may not seem challenging. However, you need to know what gives you a winning edge from the rest and what it takes to be the best. The key to being the best business analyst is to ensure that whichever project you’re doing meets the expectations of stakeholders and project managers. Your job is to convey the big picture and how it fits into the company’s objectives, how you can best achieve them, and how they will affect the company’s

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