What I Hope Substack Changes About Journalism: The Information’s Weekly Newsletter

We have a major tech news week coming up, with a possible Google antitrust lawsuit, who knows what developments around TikTok, the Palantir and Asana public stock market debuts and much more.

On Thursday, I’m excited to sit down to discuss the state of play with former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and entrepreneur and investor Alexa von Tobel. They are the founders of Inspired Capital, a relatively new venture firm, and we plan to cover a lot of ground, from the impact of the presidential election on tech to where venture capitalists are playing their next round of Covid-inspired bets. To join us, register here.

And while next week will be busy, this week was jam-packed as well. Jessica Toonkel published two important stories. The first was a story about a sexual misconduct investigation into the CEO of ViacomCBS, which cleared him. The second was a profile

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