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Limited-time offer: Business Insider subscription with Brex card

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Brex mastercard; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider

  • If you’re looking for a corporate card to streamline your company’s finances and earn you rewards, the Brex card for startups is worth considering.
  • The Brex card doesn’t require a personal credit check, and it determines your credit limit based on how much money your company has raised.
  • For a limited time, if you apply for the Brex card through our link and are approved, you’ll get a complimentary subscription to Business Insider — or an extension of your membership if you’re already a subscriber.
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Single subscription plan to help Apple expand services business in India

NEW DELHI: Apple is turning aggressive on the services end of the business and eyeing emerging markets like India with a more cost-effective consolidated plan called Apple One.

Services remained the second biggest contributor to Apple’s growing revenue after iPhones for several quarters. In Q3, Apple’s global revenue from services climbed to $13.156 billion from $11.455 billion a year ago.

Apple’s paid subscriptions grew more than 35 million sequentially and at the end of Q3 ihad over 550 million paid subscriptions across all services, up 130 million from a year ago.

Though India is still not one of its key markets, Apple has been trying to change that with mid-range models like iPhone XR and iPhone 11. Interestingly, many of the Apple users have not subscribed to their services and Apple is trying to change that with the consolidated plans.

The pricing of the new plans is very aggressive and

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Buoyed by the pandemic, freelancer marketplace Fiverr launches subscription platform for businesses

While 2020 may be one of the most challenging years for business in recent history, some companies are emerging from the crisis smelling of roses. A little more than a year after going public on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), freelancer marketplace Fiverr is launching a new platform aimed at helping larger businesses manage and collaborate around freelancer-powered projects.

The Israeli company’s shares began a rapid ascent right around the time the world went into lockdown, growing to more than $124 million today — nearly six times their value in mid-March. This also correlated with Fiverr’s vital stats, which saw its “active buyers” grow 12% from April to June, compared to a typical quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) rise that sits closer to 5%. Moreover, Fiverr’s revenue jumped 38% to $47.1 million, culminating in the company finally becoming profitable for the first time — a full year ahead of its previous estimates.

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