US Navy, NATO train to counter missile threat from Russian submarines

  • As Navy warships practiced hunting submarines in the Atlantic this month, NATO cut the ribbon at its new US-based joint command.
  • Both events point to a major focus for the US and its NATO allies: countering increasingly active and increasingly potent Russian submarines.
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With increasingly sophisticated Russian submarines prowling the Atlantic, the US Navy is working harder to keep track of what’s happening off the US coast.

The Navy’s focus on anti-submarine warfare waned during the Middle East wars, but attention is shifting, underscored by Exercise Black Widow 2020 in the North Atlantic between September 12 and 18.

The deterioration of Russia’s navy in the decade after the Cold War “allowed a lot of folks to think that the homeland is a sanctuary from Russian forces,” Vice Adm. Daryl L. Caudle, commander of Naval Submarine Forces, told reporters on September 16.

“But it’s

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