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Scottsdale’s Digital Air Strike uses tech to help clients in pandemic


The demolition had already begun when she found out the construction loan that would pay for the home remodel was cancelled. She had just launched a new business. And, she was expecting a baby.

Oh, and there was a little thing called the recession that was the constant backdrop.

But not only did all of that fail to deter Alexi Venneri, the CEO and co-founder of Digital Air Strike, it set her and her Scottsdale consumer engagement technology company up for near invincibility.

Or at least well-equipped to navigate the challenges of an unforeseen pandemic.

“(I was) pregnant, with a ripped up house, just started a business…,” said Venneri of that time in 2010, which included a week when she had to run to a nearby restaurant to use the restroom. “When you start a business during that craziness, I think it does prepare you.”

Fortunately, her kitchen and

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Variety Business Intelligence and Stage 32 Strike a Partnership

Variety Business Intelligence and industry-focused social network Stage 32 have partnered on plans to increase networking and educational opportunities for VBI subscribers.

VBI’s Variety Insight, which offers data and analytics surrounding the entertainment industry, and Stage 32, a social network for members of the industry, created the promotional partnership to offer their services to users of both products.

VBI’s Variety Insight members will earn a $50 credit toward a Stage 32 educational course, and Stage 32 members will be given a one-month membership for Variety Insight, which will function as the site’s database partner.

“Now, more than ever, it’s important that our industry is provided access to the most up-to-date information and education on how to stay creative as well as how to safely and smartly get back into production post-Covid-19,” said Stage 32 CEO Richard Botto. “Stage 32 has over 1,200 hours of online education taught by top industry

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Macon girl and UPS driver strike friendship over her beaded jewelry business

Kinsley Teal runs her own business making beaded jewelry. One day her local UPS driver purchased a bracelet giving her words of encouragement.

MACON, Ga. — A Central Georgia girl is running her own business making beaded jewelry for people across the United States.

She recently made friends with a local UPS driver that keeps her business thriving.

“Since I was three, I did something with baby beads,” Kinsley Teal said. 

Ever since Kinsley was little she had a passion for crafting. 

“When I grew older, I wanted to make beads to sell,” Teal said.

This summer, Teal did just that in launching Beads by Kins. She specializes in beaded earrings, necklaces and more, which means her mailbox stays full. 

One day, UPS employee Ryan Mathis took an interest in all the packages. 

“I was asking, I was curious about it. I was asking what did she have going right

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