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NAVIS and IDeaS Strengthen Partnership

NAVIS, a hospitality CRM solutions provider, has strengthened its partnership with IDeaS, a provider of revenue management software and services, to allow marketing, reservations, and revenue management teams to operate as one team.

The two companies are eyeing ways to align NAVIS’ CRM data with IDeaS’ RMS analytics to improve forecasting and break down silos. NAVIS helps operators deploy marketing/outbound telephony campaigns to reach out to guests. It is being combined with IDeaS’ forecasting and pricing to help hotels maximize revenue and profitability.

“TheNAVIS and IDeaS partnership brings together two best-in-class companies who understand hospitality, get the challenges and goals in the market, and want to give their clients the best possible toolkit of solutions and services to make them successful,” said Kyle Buehner, CEO of NAVIS, in a statement. “The combination of our technologies and experts will make a huge positive impact for our hospitality clients as they focus

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Dada Group and Mengniu to Strengthen Cooperation and Enhance Online Retail Strategy

10/04/2020, SHENZHEN // KISSPR //

On September 21, the leading local on-demand retail and delivery platform, Dada Group(Dada Nexus, NASDAQ: DADA), and Mengniu, a leading manufacturer and distributor of dairy products in China, signed a new business agreement in Beijing announcing an extension of their business partnership, which expands their collaboration on cutting-edge online retail models and marketing capabilities. As per the new agreement, Mengniu and Dada Group will join forces in multiple aspects, not limited to but including digital marketing, user operation, product category management and supply chain capacity.

Fei Gao, Senior Vice President of Mengniu, said, “Mengniu and Dada Group will continue to utilize each other’s strengths to launch a more comprehensive local on-demand retail model for dairy products. Through this expanded partnership, Mengniu will focus on integrating online and offline transactions, adapting to evolving user needs and bringing people to its online platform, JDDJ. Dada Group will

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Dada Group and Yili Group Strengthen their Partnership to Capitalize on Business Opportunities in On-Demand Online Retail

On September 24th, Dada Group (Dada Nexus, NASDAQ: DADA), China’s leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform, and Yili Group (“Yili”), the largest and most comprehensive dairy products company in Asia announced newer, improved, and more integrated terms of their strategic business partnership. Philip Kuai, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Dada Group, and Yunlong Guo, Vice President of Yili Group, signed the amended cooperation agreement at Yili’s headquarters in Hohhot. The leadership of Yili’s liquid milk, powdered milk, cold drinks, yogurt, health drinks and cheese divisions also participated in the signing.

Dada and Yili have a history of close cooperation starting from 2017. Since then, Dada’s local on-demand retail platform, JDDJ, has pioneered the revolutionary model of “one-hour live shopping,” which combines “live shopping” and “one-hour delivery” and has become one of the fastest-growing mediums for Yili’s sales.

During their partnership, Yili has fully participated in many of JDDJ’s events,

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Tideline Launches Impact Verification Business, “Bluemark,” To Strengthen Trust And Accountability In Impact Investing

“Independent verification is essential for scaling the impact investing industry with integrity,” said Christina Leijonhufvud, a Managing Partner at Tideline who has transitioned to become CEO of BlueMark. “By introducing a reliable mechanism for establishing trust and accountability in the impact investment market, stakeholders can have greater confidence in impact claims and performance. Asset owners and institutional allocators especially benefit from the introduction of impact verification, which has the potential to dramatically simplify the impact screening and monitoring process and thereby mobilize greater capital flows toward positive societal impact.”

Impact verification came to the forefront in April 2019 with the introduction of the Operating Principles for Impact Management (“OPIM” or the “Impact Principles”), led by the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) and now featuring a growing group of more than 100 signatories dedicated to “establishing a common discipline around the management of investments for impact.” One of these Principles—Principle 9—specifically

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