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Research, Plan and Strategize: The Fundamentals of Starting Out as an Entrepreneur

When you choose to hack your own path through the workplace jungle, you’re taking on a lot of risk and uncertainty. No matter your industry, you’ll face financial risk. Even freelancers struggle to find clients from time to time. You’ll also have to adapt to the varying demands of your business—you’ll have to be good at both forward-facing client communication, and head-to-the-books labor.

And just because you’re in charge doesn’t mean you don’t still conceptually have a boss. There will always be commitments to customers and business associates. There will always be deadlines.

But the benefits are numerous. Your business is your ship, and you set the course. You choose your own hours. You choose your goals. No one can

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Westchester County, lobbying groups strategize to revive economy


Municipal leaders and the largest lobbying groups in the Lower Hudson Valley are looking to grants, incentives and other new avenues to revive the downstate economy and combat the long-term effects of the coronavirus.

Six months after Washington D.C. passed the CARES Act and unlocked billions of dollars in loans and incentives through the Small Business Administration, key industries and many small businesses across the region are still struggling.

The state Department of Labor says the accommodations and food service industry alone has lost 311,100 jobs since last year.

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Construction continues at the new Edge-on-Hudson development in Sleepy Hollow, Sept. 8, 2020.  (Photo: Mark Vergari/The Journal News)

Municipal leaders and lobbying groups in Westchester are looking for new ways to not only stop the bleeding, but to reinforce the regional economy for what promises to be several difficult years. They are looking at everything from grants to

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