George R. R. Martin: The Journey of the Master Storyteller, Beyond ‘Game of Thrones’

Photo/Video: George R. R. Martin/Henry Soderlund/Hollywood Insider YouTube Channel

Most recognize George R. R. Martin as the author of the bestselling series behind the massive hit HBO show Game of Thrones. However, Martin had been selling books and writing for Hollywood long before A Song of Ice and Fire, and Game of Thrones shot him to superstardom.

Martin was born in 1948 in Bayonne, New Jersey. He began writing at an early age and sold monster stories to other children in the neighborhood for pennies. In an interview for Bustle, Martin conducted with Stephen King, Martin described his childhood as existing within a five-block radius, with books and comic books being his ticket to a wider world. He would imagine and invent stories to explore the world beyond his neighborhood as well. His early writings blossomed into pieces for comic fanzines before making his first sale at

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