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UK Business Leaders Need To Adapt Urgently To Weather Storm

As if things were not bad enough, with the U.K.’s government announcing fresh restrictions in an effort to stem the advance of the long-anticipated second wave of the coronavirus, research published this week reveals many of the country’s businesses to be in pretty bad shape. The report by Goldsmiths, University of London in partnership with the technology company Microsoft finds that more than half of organizations surveyed have seen a decrease in revenue this year compared to last year, with more than one in five experiencing a drop greater than 15%. The same proportion had to scrap an existing business model within days of entering the lockdown announced in March, with 45% of leaders questioned expecting their current business

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Online storm erupts over business owners remarks on Orange Shirt Day

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“The more we focus on the historical inequalities the more it will foster current inequalities,” the post continued.

Spencer Early then joined in with a comment implying that Orange Shirt Day was ‘cherry picking’ oppressed groups and calling for discussion of discrimination faced by Jews, Ukrainians and Chinese people.

The comments prompted a torrent of responses accusing the Earlys of racism, with many indicating they’d no longer support the business.

Hantke said equating the Indigenous experience in Canada with that of other groups ignores current realities.

“You don’t have to look too far to see all the harm that racism is doing to Indigenous people right now,” she said, pointing to the recent case of Joyce Echaquon, an Atikamekw woman who died in a Quebec hospital. A livestreamed recording captured two nurses insulting her prior to her death.

While the Early family owns the shares, the Early’s

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Central Mass. banks preparing for the coming storm

The coronavirus pandemic and the economic pain it is causing has brought a flood of new deposits to banks in Central Massachusetts and nationally.

The trend hasn’t been entirely good.

“Everyone can see the storm clouds on the horizon, and we just keep waiting for them to come,” said Todd Tallman, president of Cornerstone Bank in Southbridge.

Banks have seen net incomes drop precipitously and are setting aside far greater amounts of expected potential losses in loans and leases, according to a Worcester Business Journal review of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. data. 

Across the 15 largest locally-based banks by deposits, the first half of 2020 saw deposits soar by 18%, or more than $2.5 billion, compared to a year earlier.

“Banks on the whole are flush with deposits,” said Brian McEvoy, a senior vice president at Webster Five Cents Savings Bank, who leads its retail banking division. “Growth year-to-year is

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Masters in Management demand rides out pandemic storm

While coronavirus has sharply disrupted the world of business education this year just as it has other parts of the global economy, so far it has left demand for masters in management (MiM) courses and their reputation among alumni largely unscathed.

Business school faculty and students alike have made considerable sacrifices and been forced to adapt to the pressures of the pandemic. But the Financial Times 2020 MiM ranking shows continued strong performance for the degree and its variants (sometimes called international management, strategy, business, organisation, analysis or entrepreneurship), with little radical shift in the positions of the leading institutions.

With many employers cutting costs and recruitment, a MiM is a way for those who have recently finished undergraduate study to defer entry into an uncertain job market and pursue a professional qualification while deepening technical skills and enriching their networks. That appeal is reflected in indications from many schools

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Four Tips To Prepare Your Business To Weather The Storm

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You’ve probably heard the well-intentioned platitude, “We’re all in the same boat,” a few too many times this year. And while it’s true that we are all in this storm together—dealing with tremendous challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the global recession—we’re not facing the storm with exactly the same circumstances or resources. “Same storm, different boat” seems more appropriate. 

Why is it that some businesses are far better at navigating this storm than others? How are some managing to thrive, despite all the obstacles, while others are flailing? The numbers are sobering. Large corporations and small businesses alike are struggling to stay afloat, and many may not survive. 

In the U.S., more than 80,000 businesses permanently closed between March 1 to July 25, according to data from Yelp Inc.; 60,000 were

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